Soon to be Retired

We usually release new products in June at Halladay’s. From July on it is too busy to get in the kitchen to work on new items. January is usually when we put on the aprons, getting back in the test kitchen to begin brainstorming and developing. There is lots of mixing, tasting, remixing, more tasting, and several surveys throughout the process.

We have a very small footprint at Halladay’s and in order to make room for new items a few current items must get put out to pasture. We know many of you are sad when one of your favorites become unavailable.

We wanted to give you a little notice as to what is headed into retirement this year so that you can stock up! All items have a shelf life of two years, so you can enjoy them for quite a while! Keep them in a cool dark place, or even pop them in a small Tupperware like container in the freezer.