Halladay's Fundraisers Brochure & Order Form

We are happy to accept all fundraising orders with sales of $500 or more.

Halladay's Harvest Barn products are the perfect Fundraiser for schools, 4-H groups, cub scouts, gymnastic teams, cheerleaders, church groups, sports teams, class trip fundraisers and more.

Halladay's products include delicious herb blends, flavorful soup mixes, and our best-selling cheesecake mixes. Halladay's products are blended and packaged by hand in small batches on our farm in Southern Vermont.

Send a healthy message to your group. Halladay's products are all natural, with no artificial colors or flavorings and many are gluten-free and low sodium or sodium free.(full allergen info is here).

Halladay's products start at just $4 per package, which makes them very easy to sell. People love to purchase delicious specialty food items. We appeal to all groups with hearty soups, spicy herb blends or to your sweet tooth, with our cheesecake blends. Your group keeps 50-60% of the sale, a great profit! You can either pick your order up at our facility in Bellows Falls, or we can ship the order directly to you at a cost of 10% of your order total.

Please call 802.463.3471 for more information or fill out the appropriate form below and we will send an introduction packet to you. If you have done our fundraisers in the past, or if you just know you are ready to start, click the appropriate link below and we will send the brochures right out to you!

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