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Sweet Spreads


Butter is delicious on everything, in moderation of course. We played in the kitchen recently by adding our cheesecake mixes to some softened butter. We came up with a slightly sweet and flavorful butter that quite honestly, we have been sneaking on everything! We have been keeping them in a little tub in the refrigerator to have on hand.

Try some of these sweet and decadent butters, they were our favorites!


1 stick of butter, softened (salted or unsalted, your choice)

2 Tbsp Halladay’s Cheesecake mix of choice, we suggest:

Cinnamon Bun, Lemon Blueberry, Maple, Pumpkin, Sea Salted Caramel

Combine butter with cheesecake of choice, place in an airtight container and keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. You can also roll the butter into a log, chill, then slice into pats and freeze.

Here are our favorite ways to use these sweet spreads:

  • Delicious on toast and English muffins
  • Put a little dab on French toast and pancakes
  • Great on waffles
  • Yummy on bagels, popovers, scones and Biscuits

If you try any of these recipes, we want to see your pictures! Post to Instagram or Facebook and tag us @halladaysharvestbarn and use the hashtag #halladaysathome so we can see them.

-Kathleen Govotski, Owner Halladay’s Harvest Barn