Cross merchandise Halladays products for great sales. Why Halladays? GREAT TASTE, no msg or gmo’s, excellent price points, handmade in Vermont, Rapid Resell


Halladays Harvest Barn has grown from 4 herb blends developed in our kitchen in 1993 to 59 and growing addicting mixes including soups, cheesecake mixes, dipping oil blends, and a wonderful apple line. All mixes continue to be formulated in the kitchen and are handmade on our small Vermont Farm.

Your customers will be back again and again for Halladay favorites. Memorable parties can be created in minutes with our delicious mixes.

Halladays herb blends are all natural and are low in salt or salt free. We stock a large inventory so that most orders are shipped in 48 hours.

Halladays mixes sell quickly all year, but literally run off shelves in the 4th quarter. Please call us at 802-463-3471 or fill out the simple online form and we will be happy to get a free sample package out to you.

Our Best Regards,
Rick and Kathleen

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